France’s recent President Is Making Everyone Super Hungry

That’s because Emmanuel Macron’s surname bears a striking similarity to the word “macaron” ― the sandwich-style meringue-based cookie.

Despite the sweet treat possessing an additional “a,” some Twitter users began confusing the two following Macron’s election win on Sunday.

France ?? .votes and shows us that it can be stopped. Wish we had done it. #macaron

— Mini Nair (@minicnair) May 7, 2017

I maintain reading Macron as macaron and, honestly, that’s so fitting

— Kristin C. (@StuffKRISWrites) May 9, 2017

I maintain reading Emmanuel Macron’s name as “Macaron,” which would actually be a better final name for a French president, let’s be honest.

— Jodi Westrick (@jodilyn) May 8, 2017

i still read macron as macaron bc food is famed, renowned to me

— Hannah (@hannahbawa) May 8, 2017

Some people felt the need to interpret the incompatibility, and also to distinguish those from “macaroons.”


A Macaron is a french confectionery.

A Macron is a French president.

A Macaroon is a coconut cluster.

— Andrew Joe Potter ? (@AndrewJoePotter) May 8, 2017

People then started thinking approximately an actual Macron macaron:

whether There was to be a Macron Macaron…. what flavour would it be ? ?

— ticket Hammerton (@M_HammertonChef) May 9, 2017

I sincerely hope Laduree introduces the Macron macaron.

— barbara barna abel (@BarbaraBarna) May 9, 2017

I mean, every French bakery has to own a #macron macaron now, right?

— Liz J (@LJuko) May 9, 2017

Incredibly, the notion then became reality:

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