Doctors Should Screen any Kids For Depression Starting At Age 12, Experts Say

It’s established for teens to feel sorrowful or sensitive sometimes, particularly with the hormone rollercoaster that is adolescence — but regular sadness is not the same as depression, and it’s primary to know the disagreement. “What we sight for with depression is the presence of symptoms for at least two weeks,” Bauer says.

According to the NIMH, symptoms of depression can include feeling sorrowful, empty, hopeless, or enraged, but may also include one or more of the following:

* Not caring approximately things or activities you used to like

* Losing weight without dieting or gaining weight from overeating

* Having pain falling or staying asleep, or sleeping way more than usual

* pain concentrating or issues with memory

* Feeling extremely guilty or worthless

* Thinking approximately or attempting suicide

Because teens may not be able to identify or communicate symptoms of depression, the unique guidelines back providers sight out for other signals. These include clash in the domestic, poor academic performance, and withdrawing from friends and family. “We need to not assume we can spot a depressed child by looking at them, and as a pediatrician we fill to check in on the child’s mental and emotional health,” Bauer says.

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