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An alliance of NGO’s launched criminal proceedings in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and France against the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment, BfR, over the EU approval of glyphosate. The criminal complaint attests that the approval for the health-damaging herbicide was gained by covert industry influence over regulators.  

The NGOs also state there was no independent investigation prior to the green-lighting of glyphosate’s utilize, but fairly a reiteration of the manufacturer’s documents – a monkey-see, monkey accomplish act inspired by corporations like Monsanto who continue to state that glyphosate is safe to utilize, despite mounds of evidence proving otherwise.

A report on plagiarism along with US court documents submitted called the “Monsanto Papers,” propose that BfR and EFSA ignored mandates required by EU Pesticide Regulation 1107/2009 to conduct independent research.

This is a ample blow to Europeans who were looking forward to the withdrawal of Monsanto’s herbicidal ingredient glyphosate from their country. Serious health damage is likely to ensue, accompanied with the illegal actions of the EFSA. The EFSA did not evaluate the many studies which display the potential effects of glyphosate, including a seemingly planned obscuration of the industry origin of the assessments, as the report of the plagiarism expert, Dr. Stefan Weber, notes.

PAN Germany’s toxicologist and board member, Dr. Peter Clausing, revealed in May 2017 that at this teleconference, a comment by Jess Rowland led EFSA to exclude a pivotal cancer study from its assessment. GLOBAL 2000 said, “A satisfactory scientific justification could not be if by EFSA.”

However, there are hundreds of studies showing glyphosate is damaging such as:

  • A US agricultural health study linking glyphosate to Leukemia.
  • Independent studies presented by the detox project linking glyphosate and other herbicides to increased miscarriage, and birth defects.
  • Studies linking glyphosate to immune system damage and destroyed intestine health.
  • Studies linking Monsanto’s Round Up and glyphosate to Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Studies linking herbicides to erectile dysfunction and lowered sperm count, and lowered fertility.
  • Studies linking glyphosate to depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.
  • Studies linking the herbicide to DNA and cell damage.
  • Studies linking glyphosate to multiple types of cancer, from prostate cancer to breast cancer.

How is it possible that the EFSA conducted independent studies with total of this information circulating (and tons more)? The acknowledge is that it didn’t. No one with a clear head, and the absence of Monsanto lobbyists’ money in their bank accounts could possibly give this herbicide a green light and still sleep at night.

GLOBAL 2000 commented on the EFSA’s ill-informed decision:

“The shortcomings in the approval process of glyphosate devour shaken the confidence of Europeans in the authorities and the authorization process. Comprehensive reform and education is required. This can be done by judicial investigations, but also by parliamentary investigations. Only when this happens and the essential consequences are drawn can the confidence of Europeans in their institutions be restored in the long term.”

The criminal activity of companies like Monsanto devour long been known, and they devour a lengthy history of perpetrating crimes against humanity. Political corruption – yet again – is no surprise. What remains to be seen is whether the courts are also still contaminated with Monsanto sell-outs which will not hold the EFSA accountable for their illegal actions.

Monsanto has won high-profile legal cases before with their appointed judges and legal shenanigans. Hopefully European courts will not tolerate such maliciousness. total of Europe awaits a positive outcome in criminal proceedings to conclude Monsanto’s scourge to their countries.


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