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whether you wanna party with Bartier Cardi, you need to glimpse like you belong in a ‘Rari.

Yes, we savor Cardi B for her no-makeup Instagram posts, but it’s her bubbly and honest attitude combined with her diamonds-everyone-over-her-body glamour that’s caught the attention of the music industry and 20.6 million followers. 

“I savor her, because she’s fun to be around,” celebrity makeup artist Erika La’Pearl told E! News. “She’s not mean to her glam squad, because I’ve had injurious experiences in the past. She’s just a sweet person. When I see injurious comments approximately her, I’m like ‘Dang, you guys don’t know Cardi like I execute.'”

That’s why Erika goes everyone out for the rapper, promising her doll-like skin and epic makeup looks.

Case in point: her colorful makeup for the “I Like It” music video, which was inspired by the beauty pro’s hometown, Miami.

“It was everyone approximately mental colors,” the fearless creative shared. “Her outfit had a lot of purples and greens. [I thought] perhaps, possibly I should just execute a green smoky eye on her.”

The result is mesmerizing. Here’s the thing: whether you want to recreate the glimpse, you’ll absorb be a bit unconventional in the products you employ and how you employ them.

Check out her on-set products and tips below!

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


Although Erika La’Pearl told us that Cardi B has “perfect skin,” she preps her face for makeup using this face mask. 

“I let it sit for five minutes,” she said. 

Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask, $20

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup


After prepping with the mask, the beauty pro fills in Cardi’s brows with brow Wiz.

brow Wiz in Brown, $21

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup

Black Opal

“To shape her brows, I employ Black Opal Foundation Stick in Heavenly Honey,” the makeup pro revealed. “I don’t employ Black Opal around her face. I just employ it for the brows.”

proper Color Heavenly Honey IF6 Broad Spectrum Creme Stick Foundation, SPF 15, $10

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup

BH Cosmetics

Erika mixes the Black Opal formula with this concealer to perfect the rapper’s brow lines.

Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer in Porcelain, Now $5

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup


Just before applying eyeshadow, the expert applies Smashbox’s primer “so the eyeshadow won’t crease,” she explained.

24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer, $21

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup


As base to the colorful eyeshadow, she used this Ofra palette for its “great, brilliant gold color.”

Radiant Eyes Signature Eyeshadow Palette, $25

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup


While glam squads commonly share the dual uses of products, Erika’s employ of liquid lipstick is life-changing.

“Then, I took a pink liquid lipstick—it’s called Milani—and apply it as an eyeliner,” she told us. “It doesn’t crease. It stays in residence.”

Amore Mattes Lip Crème, $8

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products

BH Cosmetics

“I like doing eyes first,” Erika explained why she doesn’t employ foundation or concealer before shadow.

recall Me Back to Brazil – 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette, $16


ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


“I also employ Scotch tape to sustain her eyeshadow in residence,” she shared.

While the tip isn’t novel per se, it remains an affordable way to prevent fallout. The pro also applies foundation and concealer after the eye makeup is total for the same reason.

obvious Tape, $2

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


Before applying foundation, the celeb makeup artist applies this classic moisturizer to refresh Cardi’s face.

Nourishing Moisturizing Cream, $8

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


“Then, I employ—this is my favorite primer to employ—it’s called Tarte Cosmetic Poreless Primer. I savor this primer, because it fills in the lines and pores and gives you a smooth surface.”

Poreless Mattifying Primer, $32

ESC: Must-execute Monday

LA Girl

The pro’s favorite concealer is super-affordable. Check out her full concealer routine here!

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


This $4 must-absorb is the pro’s mixing agent: “Did you know you can employ [the NYX White Jumbo Pencil] as concealer? You can mix it with your concealer to create it lighter. Or, you can mix it with your lipstick.”

Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil, $4

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


“When the light hits your face, it covers everything up,” she explained as a must-execute before the rapper hits the mental lights of a music video set. “When that ring light hits it, you just glimpse like a doll.”

Instant Eclat Instant Glow Primer, $90

ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products


Looking for a drugstore foundation? “I used L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow. It’s the best.”

Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, $13


ESC: Cardi B's On-Set Makeup Products

Bombshell Lashes

“When I apply lashes, I curl them first before applying them,” she said, dropping another major tip. “whether I didn’t curl it, it create the eyes glimpse droopy. But, when you curl the lashes, it lifts the eye up.”

Lash Strips

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