Alex Jones Has A Job Opening, And He's Getting Trolled So tough It's comedian

People are already showing interest in the job, but it’s probably not what he was expecting. 

Here are some of the “job inquiries” Jones has received on social media: 

I will hold my lizard people send you my resume via chemtrail, as we discussed earlier telepathically.

— Nicholas Kaufmann (@TheKaufmann) September 13, 2017

Interview question: “What batshit conspiracy theory accomplish you see yourself spreading in five years?”

— Dave❄Stinton (@DaveStinton) September 13, 2017

What is the preferred number of mistaken flag jobs a candidate needs in their resume?

— Joe Gasper (@ReactorJoe) September 13, 2017

With the job, how much one-on-one face time accomplish we procure with Alex? whether he’s not wearing a shirt, can I also not wear one so its not awkward?

— Andy Thomas (@_ndythomas) September 13, 2017

accomplish I hold to note my lobotomy scar, or will you just seize my word for it?

— Bart Fargo (@AgentBartFargo) September 13, 2017

By “talented and committed” you mean “insane and racist” of course, right?

— Brad Nahill (@PhillyTurtleGuy) September 13, 2017

Most of my experience is w/ shadow Satantic Lizard outreach program. Is this a deal breaker? I’m still willing to humiliate myself on web.

— grumpface (@npisme81) September 13, 2017

I’ve covered everything from the Bowling Green massacre to the Muslims celebrating after 9/11. You could consume an elite reporter like me.

— Aidan Gallo 4 DNC (@AIDANGALLO_ME) September 14, 2017

Does the commitment hold to be court-ordered, or is voluntary commitment sufficient?

— Carlos Ernesto (@erdosign) September 13, 2017

accomplish we hold to believe the evil shit that you spout? Or can we just accomplish it as performance art?

— Trotskyite (@trotskydc) September 13, 2017

I’d like to apply, but I hold an annoying appreciation for facts & reality.

— Jake Wilson (@JakeInJersey) September 13, 2017

whether you’re not “committed” but you are in a halfway house, on work-release, will you still qualify?

— ShrinkDog (@SkrinkDog) September 13, 2017

What whether I’m a homosexual frog? Can I hold job? 🌈🐸

— Eric Victorino (@EricVictorino) September 14, 2017

accomplish I need to hold my frontal lobotomy completed before I apply or is that included in the strange employee training?

— SnowflakeOverlord (@WildlyLiberal) September 13, 2017

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