A Russian Scientists Injected Himself With A 3.5 Million Year-traditional ‘Bacteria’ Found in Siberia and The Results are Staggering – ewao

In 2009, Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov discovered a bacteria dating back 3.5 million years traditional, in the Siberian Permafrost. Believing this ancient bacteria is the key to eternal life A. Brouchkov decided to test it on himself after tests on human erythrocytes and leucocytes returned positive.

He injected himself with the bacteria called Bacillus F, it is believed that this bacteria holds the key to improving longevity in humans. This bacteria has a high resistance to environmental factors and a high level of vitality, linked to a strengthened immune system. 

Dr. A. Broushkov has been testing on himself for over two years, and reports feeling stronger and healthier. He based this experiment on the fact that he has already been exposed to this bacteria via the water supply of the region. The exact function of the bacteria is not totally understood, however the impacts are measured and are positive.

Bacillus F may also hold the key to fertility, in mice studies older female mice (equivalent to a menopause woman) were able to reproduce. The bacteria has even been famous heal plants. It seems that this bacteria is full of life giving energy (prana) “the bacteria gives out biologically active substances which activate the immune system of host animals” stated Dr. Viktor Chernyavsky an Epidemiologist.

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