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Recently, there has been fairly a bit of activity measured on the Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery (MIMIC-TPW) map that is coming from Antarctica. While the map doesn’t display anything over either pole, you can still see how the wave anomaly is obviously originating from Antarctica.

In April, the same type of activity and patterns were being produced from the same region. Due to the coordinates from which the anomaly seems to be originating, many believe that the waves could effectively be linked to the Princess Elizabeth Station that is located in Utsteinen Nunatak in Queen Maud Land. Coordinates: 71.949960°S 23.347503°E

The station is situated at the base of figures that resemble pyramids. fairly a bit of controversy has surrounded the area in recent months, with former astronaut Buzz Aldrin making an ominous Tweet that warned “Evil is here,” in the months before others noticed what appeared to be a dome fort in the same region. Of course, then there were also the various Tweets depicting the strange ice pyramids.

Now it appears that yet another mystery seems to be originating from the South Pole that has yet to be explained.

You Tuber Dahboo777 explains in the video how he had noticed the same MIMIC measured phenomenon back in April, and how he had reported it then. According to him, and the MIMIC system, the waves appear to be emanating from Antarctica and moving out into the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately, similar to the other above listed mysteries regarding the South Pole, this is yet another one that remains unanswered. Hopefully, we will learn the truth soon so we can commence to understand what is taking region on our planet. For now, we can only speculate as to what is taking region. What effect you reflect?

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