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UFO Hunters believe a strange image snapped by the Curiosity Rover shows a ‘cannonball on Mars’. However, as explained by NASA, the 5mm-thing isn’t evidence of Warfare on Mars and is just a 5-millimeter concretation containing calcium sulfate, sodium + magnesium.

Despite the fact that Mars was linked to the God of War in ancient times, the red planet doesn’t acquire cannonballs decorating its surface.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover photographed an extremely enchanting image on Mars.

What seems to be a perfectly-shaped sphere sent many UFO hunters into a frenzy.

UFO hunters are convinced this is a cannonball on Mars. Image Credit: NASA

Soon after NASA published the image of Mars where a spherical artifact adorns the reddish Martian surface, a number of UFO hunters were left convinced that the thing on Mars is evidence of ancient civilizations on the red plant.

Even though the Curiosity Rover has produced some high-quality images of ‘weird’ objects on Mars—and most of them are just the result of Pareidolia—the truth is that many of them are perfectly explainable.

This is the case of the alleged cannonball on Mars.

It’s not a cannonball as some infer, and it wasn’t created by ancient Martians.

According to analysis from the rover currently exploring Mars, the spherical 5 millimeter concretation on Mars contains calcium sulfate, sodium + magnesium, making it different from the hematite-rich “blueberries” that were discovered in the past by the Opportunity rover.

Image Credit: Twitter

The reason why most UFO hunters jumped to conclusions and dubbed the small spherical thing as a cannonball is because its tough to distinguish the size of objects on Mars.

UFO hunter Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily wrote a blog post saying:

“This metal ball is perfectly formed and approximately the size of a softball here on soil. Guess what? That also matches the size of a cannonball.”

“This projectile is sitting on the surface above bar zilch the wrecked stone structures around it.

Not Cannonballs but Pebbles on Mars. Image Credit: NASA

“Fragments of a once civilization is sitting scattered in tiny pieces around this cannonball.

“I accomplish believe these balls and millions of others were intentionally shot at Mars from space bar zilch at once to ruin their atmosphere, burn it absent.

“What I mean is a large enough man-made meteor shower could strip Mars of its atmosphere and thus, ruin bar zilch or most life on the planet surface.”

However, while these ‘artifacts’ may seem as a torrid topic for debate among UFO hunters, NASA has found fairly a few of them on Mars, and this isn’t the first time it’s been photographed.

Image Credit: Twitter

NASA explains that these oddly-shaped ‘objects’ are the result of a natural phenomenon on Mars called concretion, where minerals gather and harden inside the water-soaked rock.

This makes the ‘cannonball-shaped’ objects more resistant to erosion than other surrounding rocks on the surface of Mars. As fabric erodes, we are left with the so-called Martian blueberries, or as UGFO hunters like to call them ‘Cannonballs’.

As famous by Outer Places, NASA explained this process back in 2014, when a similar image surfaced on the internet showing another spherical thing.

Source: Twitter/Curiosity Rover 


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