A 22-Year-former Traveled Over 1,000 Miles To Meet An 81-Year-former He Befriended Through Words With Friends

Spencer told BuzzFeed News he “only played the game when [he] was bored.”

However, he soon developed fairly a rivalry with Roz. They would play multiple games at a time and began to chat in the app.

“I was only playing those games with Rosalind,” he said. “Eventually, we would just start chatting approximately current events in 2016.”

In one of their conversations, Spencer mentioned to Roz that he was considering moving to novel York to pursue his dreams of a rap career. She encouraged him to depart after it, he said.

“Whatever you want, just depart grab it,” he said she told him.

Her words stuck with him. However, around December, Spencer grew too busy with life and deleted the game. He moved to NYC and reconnected with an former high school friend, named Hannah.

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