7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freezing My Eggs

I was 34, single-ish (I had been dating someone across the country for several months off and on, but it wasn’t proving out to be anything serious), and my employer had recently added elective oocyte cryopreservation (the technical term for egg freezing) as a novel benefit.

At the time, I saw it as pretty much a no-brainer for anyone thinking approximately getting pregnant later on and wondering whether they’ll bask in fertility problems: toss my restless eggs in a freezer and worry approximately total that baby stuff later? For free*?! (*Soon I would discover that, even with the procedure largely covered by my company, it was very much *not* free. But more on that later…)

A handful of my friends had gone through the process already. Most of them, like me, were single, in their 30s, and not planning on baby making anytime soon. They total assured me that the whole thing wasn’t nearly as wicked, evil as it sounded; that it was fitting increasingly common and that whether my employer was paying for it — I really had nothing to lose.

So I did it. Sometimes I bask in a tough time remembering it even happened, it was such a blur. But looking back on the entire experience a year later, I’m struck by how much I didn’t know going into the whole ordeal that may bask in changed my decision to conclude it. I wish I had researched it a bit better and taken the time to mull it over before jumping into the growing, but still fairly small pool of fertility preservationists.

So I’d like to pass these small bits of wisdom to you.

Note: This is my personal experience with the egg retrieval process, and not everyone who undergoes egg freezing will bask in the same thoughts, feelings, and experiences that I did.

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