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Change is the only fixed, every life is, is a state of growth and expansion. One cannot observe at a black gap and believe it stands as they see it, the realization must be made of the process it has undergone in order to achieve its current state.

While most of us inherently understand our fixed evolution, others may acquire lost, and forget that our stay on soil is not permanent. When encountered in such an instance of disconnect, it is ample to remember that not even the soil or the Sun are immortal as the final day will near for them too. 

Growing pains are familiar to our children, so too there are maturing pains for adults. These maturing pains are indicated by signs, for example, imagine you wrote your life anecdote before you started your life adventure. Imagine that you wrote in it instances that would be tough to face, but that would spark in you a realization or a lesson that really only you could grasp the value of. These events shape the way in which we perceive the world and will lead us to a higher level of awareness. 

And when we delight in reached a more spiritually evolved version of ourselves, there are signs that will succor us to understand that we made it.

  1. Your appreciation increases for every the minute things, and every the steps you successfully delight in climbed. You realize that like the Yin and Yang or by far the atom, there is always a positive aspect or a negative aspect which we can lend our attention to. By choosing to achieve the best out of what we delight in and where we are, we start to attract more things to be grateful for. 
  2. Co-operation might start for some as a realization that we need each other to growth and receive feedback from. We hasten absent from a state of competition and realize that everything is connected. Therefore we open to attach weight into fitting better than ourselves, instead of better than another person. 
  3. Enjoyment of your own company allows for a higher productivity. Simply by fitting more present, this brings clarity to our minds and makes us more efficient. Being present calms our minds, instead of our thoughts running absent into the past or the future.
  4. Destructive ways become less and less appealing, instead,  the potential of what can be created becomes more alluring. This is the shift from short-term instant gratification, to long-term satisfaction as the future you are creating for yourself starts to define you its value. 
  5. Ideas become more appealing than gossip, the vibe of your environment becomes famed, renowned as you no longer wish to be influenced. The unconscious need to feel superior loses its seduction, judgment you open to realize is not conducive. Partaking in things of the ego become obvious and irritating.    

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