24 Jokes Only Compulsive Skin-Pickers Will Understand

By the way: Humor is a much way for a lot of people to manage with their skin-picking compulsions, but whether you found a lot of things in this post a small too relatable, you might want to seek into ways to seize care of yourself. So, here are some quick resources, just in case:

You might want to read more approximately dermatillomania (a disorder that causes people to repetitively touch, rub, scratch, pick at, or dig into their skin in ways that result in physical damage). While you’re there, you can check out their resources and information on how to build up treatment.

You can read approximately anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, since skin-picking can be a symptom or coping mechanism of both.

You might also want to check out these strategies our readers exercise to hold from picking their skin.

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