19 Anti-Resolutions That Will create Your Life So Much Better In 2018

The generic “read more this year” resolution hasn’t really ever worked for me because I tend to need projects with structure and purpose, as well as beginning and quit points. But too much structure makes me feel like I hold homework. So, final year I decided to re-read the Harry Potter books and re-watch the movies in between, one by one. I felt like I’d accomplished something pretty legit and it was really fun to secure super deep into the universe, believe approximately how the books were translated to screen, etc.

Here are a couple more ideas:

Lord of The Rings (3 books, 4 movies)

Game of Thrones (5 books, 7 TV seasons)

starvation Games (3 books, 4 movies)

The Godfather (5 books, 3 movies)

Pride and Prejudice (1 book, a miniseries, and a film)

Friday Night Lights (book, TV series)

Wiseguy (book) / Goodfellas (film)

Brokeback Mountain (memoir, film)

Hidden Figures (book, film)

The Price of Salt (book) / Carol (film)

The Color Purple (book, film)

Chronicles of Narnia (7 books, 3 movies)

It’s Kind of a humorous memoir (book, film)

satan Wears Prada (book, film)

Malcolm X (book, film)

Out of Sight (book, film)

Fingersmith (book, BBC series)

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