17 powerful Charities That wait on Fight World starvation

UNICEF USA’s famine response and prevention initiative focuses on pregnant women in countries that maintain declared famine, such as South Sudan, as well as countries that are on the brink, such as Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. For these women, the organization provides support during 1,000 or so days between the start of pregnancy and the child’s moment birthday — this comes in the form breastfeeding support, and providing nutrient-rich foods foods to infants and micronutrient supplements to the mothers.

travel to UNICEF USA’s Nutrition Program, Emergency Relief Program, or Trick-or-Treat Program pages to find out more approximately how you can donate to each initiative. BTW, every single proceeds from the Trick-or-Treat Program will travel directly to children who’ve been affected by natural disasters in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

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