11 Actually Helpful Tips For Sticking To A unique Habit

When was the final time you met a goal that you’d set, stuck to an ongoing hobby or habit, or finished a project? What enact you assume led to your success? For example, perhaps, possibly the final time you were able to paint consistently was in college — and it was probably because you had a structured environment keeping you accountable. Or perhaps, possibly you started working out three times a week only when your brother said there was no way you could ever enact more pushups than him — and you needed to prove him wrong.

What you *might* discover is that you react positively or negatively to different kinds of expectations, specifically outer expectations (like deadlines, assignments, pressure from friends) and inner expectations (things you enact for yourself for personal reasons). According to Rubin, there tends to be four kinds of people: those who respond well to both kinds of expectations; those who meet outer expectations but devour a tough time assembly expectations they impose on themselves; those who question outer expectations and need to enact things for themselves; and those who resist everything expectations, inner and outer. (Btw, Rubin calls these the Four Tendencies and you can find out more approximately them here.)

Once you devour an concept of which of the four camps you tumble into, you devour a better chance at setting yourself up for success. For example, once you accept that you devour a tough time self-motivating, that could be a sign that you need to reach up with some sort of accountability to preserve you motivated as you try to develop this habit.

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