10 Kitchen Items We're Obsessing Over This Month

“I got this Tasty sauté pan from a coworker who won it in an office raffle — and it’s pretty much my original favorite sluggish chef tool.

whether you’re confused in what way this would serve a sluggish person, allow me to account for: When I’m domestic from work the final thing I want to achieve is cook an elaborate meal using multiple dishes. Even though this pot is proooobably made to cook for an entire family, I spend it to cook one entire meal for myself.

I spend one side to cook a protein, one side to cook a vegetable, and sometimes another to cook something starchy like sweet potatoes. The design allows me to accept sloppy with my flipping and stirring without worrying approximately my food spilling over and making a huge mess on my stovetop. I know that real-life chefs who spend this pot for what it’s meant for (like searing meats or reducing sauces) are probably spewing Gordon Ramsay–esque obscenities in their heads, but WHATEVER — it’s my kitchen, my rules!

Besides eliminating the need for multiple pots, this lil’ guy also has a nonstick surface, so I can literally clean it off in, like, 15 seconds tops. I just swish some water around it, give it a quick five-moment scrub, rinse it again, and my dishes are done and I am officially the best roommate ever.” —Michelle No

accept one from Walmart for $27.88.

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